PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES is all about sexy couples meet adventure. These books are on fire hot! (Reader Beware!) But they also have a sweet, sexy heartbeat. These are happily married couples exploring the "what if" in the bedroom, finding that ultimate "thing" that turns them on. 

What Caroline Wants AVAILABLE NOW!

Caroline and Jason Stratton have always been hot for each other. Married right out of college, they’ve had a great sex life. But when they discover that their best friends and neighbors, Piper and Michael Collins, have experimented with a few extracurricular adventures during their ten year marriage, Caroline and Jace’s sexual world is rocked.


The Strattons quickly find that inviting others into their bedroom might be something they want to explore. But getting Caroline to reconcile her Southern guilt is another matter altogether. So they decide to take it deliciously slow, exploring every avenue.


Their adventures lead them to Emma and Pete, and after a fun, sexy dinner date out, and an incredibly hot car ride home, they’re in. But once they decide to scale that mountain, all bets are off. In the end, Caroline must make a decision—and it’s one she’ll have to live with forever.


*This book is ridiculously sexy, filled with high-octane moments between the couple as they figure out what makes them tick. The book contains: explicit sex, voyeurism, and light couple swap. **There is no cheating, everything is consensual between all participants.




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What Piper Needs AVAILABLE NOW!

Piper and Michael Collins have it all. They’re in love, both have successful jobs, live in a nice neighborhood, and have a great sex life—that is, up until recently. Over the past six months everything has started to drag. Even though they’ve led an “extracurricular” lifestyle for a long time, things have gotten boring.


Piper decides to liven up her marriage in a big way, which she does with a little encouragement from her pal Caroline at their weekly STD happy hours. She jumps in and sparks between she and Michael fly. First with hot selfies, office sex, and later with some much needed risk-taking.


From there, Piper and Michael make a Top Ten Sex List and start ticking off their wildest fantasies. Piper becomes fearless--the things that made her panic in the past no longer holding her back--but when they both arrive at Michael's number ten, is Piper really ready?


*This book is super steamy hot, filled with out-of-the-box moments. The book contains: explicit sex, hardcore toys, and group sex.





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What Emma Craves AVAILABLE NOW!


It took a lot for Pete Slater to convince his wife, Emma, to move to the suburbs. But once she arrived, she found it had a deliciously steamy underbelly. Her neighborhood is filled with hook-ups, affairs, and scandal. It's better than any reality TV show.

But Emma isn’t satisfied anymore. After watching her friends Piper and Michael Collins become adventurous in their marriage again, it's made Emma realize that's what she wants in her own life. She craves to be noticed again. In order to try and find what’s missing, she and Pete decide to book a vacation.

Their destination is a super exclusive resort situated on a tiny island where anything and everything can happen. When they meet a young couple at the airport, who end up in the suite next to theirs, things go from fun to incredibly steamy fast. Emma drives Pete crazy flirting, and it pays off. For the first time in their marriage her husband is jealous of another man. What Pete does to win her back turns out to be exactly what Emma craves.


*This book is off the charts hot. It contains: explicit sex, group sex, and voyeurism.




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Mallory Baldwin is a model who specializes in not taking herself too seriously. She’s sarcastic, crass, and loves a good joke. She’s been on the brink of making it since she was thirteen, and after learning that yet one more major brand has passed her up for another, good news arrives in the form of a gift. Her pal, Antonio Rafferty, a hotshot investor, has decided to send her to his elite private dating island for free. Fun in the sun, along with plenty of sexy distractions, are exactly what she needs to take her mind off her slumping career.


Patrick Conrad has been playing hockey since he could walk. After signing with Detroit, an injury lands him on the bench after the best season of his career. So when his college buddy, Antonio, enlists him to help out as a deep sea fishing guide in a new brand new business venture for a few weeks, Patrick accepts. A little break in his routine will do him good. Sparks fly when Mallory runs into Patrick unexpectedly. Things heat up quickly, but they both desperately try to keep their identity from the other.


That is, until the paparazzi arrive.

The beach never looked so good…




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It's Tinder meets Tahiti in this spinoff series! This is where sexy singles hook-up and ultimately fall love. The backdrop is an exclusive dating island in the South Pacific for the rich and famous, and all bets are off. Everyone on the island gets a phone, and whether they decide to swipe right is up to them. But when they do, be prepared, because eveyone has come to play.