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Jace carried his wife down the stairs, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. Caroline was laughing in his ear, a sound he loved more than anything in the entire world. He didn’t want to get ahead of himself, but he was certain his wife was on the road to total recovery. In fact, she was downright playful, which meant no matter what, things were going to be okay.

He kicked the basement bedroom door open with one foot and brought Caroline across the threshold.

He made a beeline for the bed, but before he could lay her down, she said, “No. No beds. I want this to be dirty. As dirty as it was when we did it the first time.”

“Are you sure about that?” Jace asked. Their steamy night with Emma and Pete Slater had been extremely hot. “If you are, I’m good.” He slowly set her down. “I’m not sure how we can replicate that without an audience, but we can try.”

Caroline moved around him and walked over to the DVD player, which was on top of the dresser. “At the very least, let’s do it like we did it that night.”

“We don’t have a beanbag chair, but we could use the armchair in the other room and drag it in here,” he suggested. “It’s a nice size to bend you over.” He grinned. He was so hard right now it hurt. He refrained from bringing his hand down to stroke his cock, because once he did, he wanted to slide it into her wetness.

“That sounds perfect,” Caroline said. When she was finished putting the DVD in the machine, she moved toward him and ran her hands across his chest. “I’ll kneel on it, and you can do me from behind, just like before. Then we can both watch the show.”

He groaned. “It’s like you’re reading my mind.” He leaned down to kiss her. It was a hot, penetrating kiss. He broke it with effort. “I have to go get the chair or I’m going to bend you over this bed right now.” When he came back, tugging the chair behind him, Caroline was naked, her beautiful body on full display. He stopped for a moment to appreciate the view. “My God, you are a beautiful woman. I’m the luckiest man on earth.”

“No, I’m the lucky one,” she said, coming up to him, pressing her delicious breasts against him for a long kiss. She rubbed her stomach against his aching cock, teasing him. “Let’s get that chair in here,” she whispered. “The DVD is ready to go.”

She didn’t have to ask him twice.

He turned the chair around and positioned it in front of the large screen TV mounted on the wall, so the back of the chair faced the TV. Caroline handed him the remote as she sauntered to the chair, resting her knees on the cushion and placing her arms over the top, sticking her ass in the air and wiggling it.

He groaned again, but this time it sounded more like a wounded growl.

They hadn’t had sex in a while.

He hadn’t wanted to push his wife too soon after their night with Emma and Pete. But he was more than ready now. His cock throbbed in anticipation. He aimed the remote at the TV and pressed play, wondering what they were going to get, but not caring if it was any good. He and Caroline were going to fuck tonight no matter what, and he was going to make sure they both came hard.

He undressed, stripping his clothes off in seconds.

The home movie started and Emma and Pete popped on the screen. They were talking and getting arranged on the platform

“We must still be in the bathroom.” Caroline giggled. “It’s funny to be able to see this piece. It’s like we’re spying.”

“In a way we are, which is why it’s so perfect.” Jace positioned himself behind Caroline, finally stroking his cock, his eyes darting from the TV to her glorious ass.

They could hear Emma and Pete perfectly.

Pete was rubbing Emma’s shoulder affectionately. “I’m going to fuck you hard,” he told Emma. “You’re going to come at least three times tonight.”

Caroline visibly shivered in front of Jace. He knew she loved hearing dirty foreplay between couples. It was one of her favorite parts of porn.

“Only three,” Emma teased, getting up on all fours, which is how they’d found her when they’d exited the bathroom. “Surely you can do better than that.”

Pete leaned over and gave her a long, lingering kiss.

In the background the bathroom door open.

That’s when they’d entered the main room. Pete glanced toward where they would've entered the room and said, “You guys can sit or lie down anywhere you’d like.” He was stroking his massive cock. “The best viewing will be from that big beanbag chair right there.” He motioned in front of him. “It’s actually a small couch. You don’t sink into it very much. It will also be the most comfortable to recline in.”

It was weird to hear Pete say the same things Jace had hear him say in person, and Jace knew exactly what they did.

Caroline was riveted to the TV.

Jace smiled. Her breaths were coming in little pants. On screen they watched Emma take the tip of Pete’s cock into her mouth and suck, while Pete began to lick her clit.

It was just as sensual on the screen as it had been in person.

Jace was ready to slide into his wife's hot, wet sheath, but before he hammered home, he wanted Caroline worked up as much as possible, because once he was in, everything was going to move very quickly.

Emma began to writhe and pump her pink pussy up and down on Pete’s tongue.

“I forgot how incredibly limber Emma is, and how hot this was.” Caroline breathed. “I think I was too freaked out to really appreciate her talent at the time. Watching her have sex is like watching art. Her movements are so graceful.”

“I agree,” Jace said. Now his breath was coming in shallow pants, just like his wife’s. “And I can’t wait to watch it all.”

Emma moaned on screen, arching her hips up and down, then she cried, “Baby, I’m so close. I’m going to come too early if we keep doing this.”

“Jace,” Caroline said from the chair. “I need you to fuck me right now.”

“Your wish is my command.” Jace entered her swiftly, seating himself to the hilt, right as Pete began to suck Emma’s nipple.

Caroline was hot and wet, and ready to go.

He grabbed hold of her hips and slid the tip almost out, and then back in again, giving her what she wanted in rapid thrusts.

Caroline moaned, pumping her ass back at him as he pounded into her. “Yes, yes!” she cried. “More, Jace, I need it harder!”

Jace plowed into her, and as he did he heard Caroline cry in the background on screen. He knew what she was doing, she was fingering her own clit.

This was blowing his mind.

* * *

Caroline was extremely close to her release. Jace’s cock felt amazing and she needed to let go. Seeing Emma and Pete on screen went beyond description. Hearing her and Jace in the background was more than titillating, it was orgasmic.

But Caroline didn’t want to come until Emma did.

Caroline wanted more than one orgasm, and once she was done porn was a turnoff. So she wanted to enjoy this to the fullest. Caroline felt in control, with no guilt so far, and that feeling was liberating.

Jace’s intensity was making her toes curl. He wanted this as much as she did. The sound of their connecting echoed around the basement bedroom.

“Do you like that, Care? Am I filling you up?” Jace panted. “Is this what you like? To be pounded so hard the chair jumps with each thrust?”

“Yes.” She angled her backside up even more, wiggling it side to side. “I love feeling you inside me.”

Jace groaned. “If you keep doing that, I’m going to come right now. You need to hold still while I fuck you. This is too hot.”

“No way, buddy.” Caroline slapped her ass back against him in tandem with his thrusts. “I’m taking what I want tonight, and you’re going to give it.” She arched her hips up, taking his cock with her, causing her handsome husband to bend over the chair.

Care!” he cried. She could hear him grit his teeth. “You’re testing me to my absolute limits here.”

“I’m going to test you even more,” Caroline answered. “You don’t get to come until I come twice.”

“Now you’re bordering on crazy talk,” Jace said. “Once your tight pussy clenches around my dick, it’s all over. There’s no way I’m going to keep from coming.”

On TV Emma began to shout as Pete finger-fucked her. “I’m coming! I’m coming! And it feels so fucking good,” Emma yelled. Her ass came a foot high off the platform. She was incredible to watch, even a second time.

Caroline couldn’t look away. “Jace,” she panted, “Right when Pete enters her, put your finger on my clit.”

On screen Pete unlatched from Emma’s nipple and got up, positioning himself behind her, entering her hard and fast. As he drove home, he set her slim legs over his shoulders, pumping hard. Emma arched to meet him, seating herself on his cock, which was impressive since he was so big.

Emma came again instantly, calling his name as she bucked against him.

“Now!” Caroline called.

Jace bent over and placed his finger on Caroline’s clit as he thrust inside her. In her ear he whispered, “You’re so fucking beautiful, Caroline. Come for me.”

She did.

Caroline broke apart, her body clenching again and again. Her head dropped in her arms and she cried out, her ass pushing back into Jace’s cock to stop it from moving. “Just wait!” she cried, her body still spasming. “Try not to come yet!” She held him still while her body finished convulsing.

It felt so damn good.

On the TV, they heard Pete say, “You love the way I fuck you, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Emma replied. “I want to come again. Do it harder.”

Caroline looked up to watch Pete uncurl one of Emma’s leg and grab it at the ankle as his cock slid in and out of her wetness.

“Care,” Jace’s jaw sounded locked. “I…can’t…wait…much longer.”

He was still, unmoving inside her, but Caroline could feel his legs trembling.

“I just want to get to the part where we start fucking in the background,” Caroline said. “It’s coming soon. Then we can come together. It’ll be a sweet do-over for me. Please try to wait.”

“I’m trying,” Jace ground, “But you’re killing me, my cock is so full it’s ready to explode. It’s taking everything I have.”

Emma said, “More, Pete. I need it harder.”

Caroline watched as Pete withdrew his cock slowly. “Turn around and get on your knees,” Pete ordered Emma.

“This is it,” Caroline whispered to Jace. “When he enters her, and she comes, that’s when we start doing it in the background.”

They both watched as Pete spread Emma’s thighs apart and teased his cock against her slit. Emma rested her shoulders on the platform, and Pete entered her, grabbing on to her hips. She took him deep. Pete tipped his head back and cried out, “Like this? Do you like it like this?” He leaned over and cupped Emma’s breasts while still ramming himself home.

“Fuck me now, Jace,” Caroline said. She was on the edge of another huge orgasm, her body had been tense and ready since the end first one. “I’m going to come hard again, and then I want you to pound into me until you explode.”

Jace gripped her under her thighs and began to thrust. “Yes, hell yes,” he groaned, “Your pussy is so wet, I can’t take it!”

On TV Emma began to yell in ecstasy as she came again. Then they both heard Jace’s voice as clear as day. “Kneel down, I need you now.”

Caroline replied behind the scenes with one word. “Yes.”

Ahhh!” Caroline cried as she came for the second time. “Jace, it’s so good.” She bucked into him. She couldn’t help it.

He came next, pounding into her. “Jesus Christ!” Caroline felt his cock spasming hard inside her, and the aftershocks came as Jace jammed himself against her clit, grinding against her.

It was divine, her body was totally and completely wrapped up in the pleasure of it all.

She had to take small, short breaths to calm down once they were done. She could hear Jace doing the same.

The DVD was still running.

Caroline glanced at it to see that Emma and Pete had noticed what they were doing, and were rearranging themselves. “Jace,” Caroline said, her voice raw. “Turn it off. I’m not ready to watch what comes next just yet.”

Jace eased out of her and a second later the TV paused.

He walked into the bathroom and she could hear him start the bath water. Then he came back in the room with a towel. She got off the chair, taking the proffered cloth, and he put his arms around her, pulling her close, placing his lips against her forehead. “I’m so proud of you,” he told her. “That was fantastic, and as you can see, there’s nothing to worry about anymore. We did nothing wrong.”

“You’re right,” her lips grazed his pec as she nuzzled his chest. “I just have to remember that you’re my knight in shining armor and nothing can touch me when I’m with you.”

“No, Care,” he said, his lips brushing against hers, “you’re mine.”

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