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“Is that Barbara Levy?” Gillian elbowed her husband Brad, who was sitting next to her at the bar. “I think she’s waving us over.” Gillian and Brad had accompanied Piper and Michael Collins to an orgy at the Sexual Underground, and a woman was about to be fucked right in front of them. This party was going to kick off with a bang.

This wasn’t Gillian’s usual cup of tea, but she was looking forward to it, more so for her husband than for herself. She preferred her sex life a little more controlled.

“Yep, that’s her,” Brad replied. “She definitely wants us to go over there, she’s waving like mad.”

“Let’s go talk to her. I haven’t seen her in years. She was a renowned Domme, and then she dropped off the face of the earth like that.” Gillian snapped her fingers as she slid off her barstool. She glanced over at Piper and Michael, but they were enthralled with the show unfolding in front of them. Gillian didn’t want to bother them. She and Brad would likely be right back anyway. Gillian gestured for Brad to go to the left behind the bar, and she followed behind.

Once they made it around, Brad’s hand settled where it usually did, right at the small of Gillian’s back. She loved the feel of his touch. Her man was big, dark blonde, tattooed, and stubbled. She adored watching people step out of his way. Most of the time it wasn’t because they were scared of him, it was because he was hotter than fuck.

And he was hers.

When they reached Barbara, she embraced them both. “It’s been such a long time!” She air kissed both of Gillian’s cheeks. “It’s great to see you.” Barb was in her late forties, but you’d never know it. She was striking, with long dark hair and high cheekbones.

“It’s nice to you see you, too,” Gillian said. “I thought you got out of the lifestyle or moved away. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“I’m not out at all.” She leaned in close. “I’m exclusive. I only have a handful of clients, but life is treating me very well. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. The reason I wanted to get you guys over here is I have a proposition you’re going to love. I have a super high-profile client upstairs in a private suite. He’s extremely picky, but I think you two would be a perfect fit for him. If you want, I can make an introduction. Believe me, you won’t regret it.”

“Here? Tonight?” Gillian asked.

“Yes, right now. He has an escort with him. A beautiful submissive named Ava. But what’s intriguing about him is that he’s a Switch, both Dom and Sub. I promise you, he’s not to be missed. This is an opportunity of a lifetime.”

“A lifetime, huh?” Brad commented. “That’s a pretty tall order to fill.”

“Just follow me and see for yourselves.” Barb turned and started walking, knowing they would follow.

She wound them through the warehouse, leading them to a door in far the corner that led to a staircase. When they came to the second landing, Barb turned and headed down a long hallway. All the doors were painted different colors like the ones downstairs. She stopped in front of one that was painted a bright scarlet.

Barb rapped on it and said, “It’s me, Madame B, and I have some folks I know you’d love to meet.”

After a moment there was noise as the door was unbolted from the inside. Gillian was more than curious to see what was behind the door. She could only imagine. It had to be kinky, whatever it was. The color scarlet was a dead giveaway.

The door swung open with a rusty sound. “Yes?” A very petite blonde with a long ponytail, wearing nothing but a thong, a slave collar, and a small metal corset stood in the doorway.

Barb nodded. “Hi, Ava. I’d love to present to you the Harrisons.” She swept her arm in Gillian and Brad’s direction. “I know for a fact they would make a great addition to your evening tonight, so I brought them right up.”

Ava glanced over at Gillian, but when her eyes landed on Brad, she smiled ever so slightly. “Let me go check and see.” She closed the door and they waited.

Gillian arched an eye at Barb. “Why so secret?”

“I told you he was high-profile, but what I meant is he’s a super star.” She lowered her voice when she’d said the last two words. “You’ll know who he is when you see him. I’m not going to say it, just in case he rejects this offer.”

“I’ve never been with another true Switch before,” Gillian said. Gillian was both Dom and Sub herself. Brad was whatever she needed him to be. If it weren’t for her, he wouldn’t be in the lifestyle at all. He just considered it sex how she wanted it, which worked perfectly for her.

Ava was back at the door. She glanced at Gillian and Brad. “You can come in, but the status will remain limited until he decides.”

She opened up the door wide and Gillian and Brad went in.

Barb waved from the doorway. “Enjoy! You can thank me later!”

Ava shut the door and moved in front of them, leading them down a short hallway. This was a converted warehouse space and it showed. It had been redone, by the looks of it recently. The hallway had been an added feature, since the walls only reached about a foot above their heads before it stopped. The ceiling appeared to be original and was covered in steel beams.

“I hope your Dom isn’t a sadist,” Gillian commented as they walked. “We’re in to BD, but not S&M. Bondage and discipline is my game, but the sadist part is off the table. So it’s not going to be a good fit if—”

They rounded a corner and stopped.

Standing in the middle of the room was a huge mass of a man.

He was built like a brick house, as in, he must work out for a living because no one could be that toned without spending several hours a day at the gym. He was taller than average and he was flexing a long crop. He wore loose fitting pants tied just below his hips, which accentuated his manly V, and no shirt. His pecs were gleaming from either sweat or oil.

He was also wearing a mask.

It didn’t cover his entire face. It was more like a superhero mask—covering the eyes but not much else. His hair was jet black and so was his stubble.

Gillian drew in a sharp breath.

He was all man, there was no question. Around him there were various harnesses and toys. There were hooks filled with whips and crops along one wall. There was a tall contraption with a bar across the top and cuffs attached to the bottom. There was a huge bed in the middle of the room and Gillian could see buckles bolted to the floor, which meant there was a way to make sure the person on the bed couldn’t move.

No one had uttered a word since they’d come in.

Gillian was dressed in a tight black dress that plunged low in the front. It hugged her every curve and showed off her tattoos beautifully. Her black hair was short in the back, but long in the front. It came down in a perfect wave, covering one bright blue eye. She knew she was stunning. And at five ten, with five-inch high heels, she could give this guy a run for his money.

She cleared her throat and said, “I’m Gillian and this is my husband, Brad. We do bondage. I’m a Switch, but no real pain. My husband fucks for pleasure. Take it or leave it.”

The massive man nodded once.

Ava had done nothing but stand there. She was a true submissive and awaited her master’s orders. He lifted a defined arm and gestured to the bed. She went immediately, her head bowed. She crawled up on the mattress and went to all fours, dropping her shoulders down, her head braced on her arms.

She would assume the position until he ordered her to change it.

Just watching them interact made Gillian wet.

This was what she desired the most.

Control of any kind was her thing. It was her everything.

Gillian was content to wait and see what role she would play tonight. Barb had told her this guy was a Switch. He was already playing Dom tonight, so she assumed he would stay the course.

That was fine with her.

She met his hot gaze and held it.

After a full minute, he flicked his crop toward the back of the room. Gillian turned. There was a St. Andrew’s Cross on the far end. It was attached to the wall somehow. She could see it had the wrist and ankle cuffs built in. Without acknowledging his control, she took Brad by the hand and led them back toward the cross.

Once they were in front of it, she turned her back to her husband and without a word he unzipped her dress. It fell at her feet without a sound and she stepped out of it. “Front or back,” she said without looking over her shoulder.

“Front.” His voice was deep and husky.

She backed up against the cross so she was facing outward. Brad snapped the cuffs on without a word. He knew the routine.

There was a loud scraping noise, and the mystery man, who she didn’t recognize even though Barb thought she would, pulled a bench close. When he was done, he snapped his fingers and Ava rose from the bed and came to stand next to him. He nodded to her, and then flicked his wrist at Brad.

“He wants you to get naked,” Gillian told Brad.

“I saw that,” Brad said. Gillian couldn’t tell if he was happy or not, but he did as he was told. Gillian knew it was only because she wanted it, not because he did. A pang of guilt ran though her. This night was supposed to be about free sex for him—something he rarely got to have. That’s why she’d brought him to the orgy tonight and now he wasn’t going to get to experience it.

But the guilt was fleeting, because once her husband was naked, the mystery man dropped his pants.

Holy lords!

She had to close her eyes or she would’ve said something out loud.

He was massive in every single way.

Gillian already knew how he would feel inside her, stretching her to her limit, pain needling her on the fringes. Brad was no slouch in that department—not by a long shot. But the mystery man was just as big, if not a little bigger.

Her clit throbbed.

She didn’t try to move her hands or her legs. She remained stock still. She knew it was futile, and savored that knowledge. This was the kind control she loved.

She was a master at it.

The man walked forward, holding his crop. She’d told him no pain, but she was positive he would use it to coax her right up to that point.

That was fine, and expected.

Once he was close enough, Ava following right behind him, he told Brad, “Get ready to tongue her clit when I tell you to.”

Brad hesitated.

That had never happened before, but Gillian was usually the one giving orders. She was a Switch, but she preferred the Domme role most of the time. It was safe to say they’d never been with a Dom quite like this man before.

It was like watching two alphas face off.

And that made her all the hotter.

Gillian could see a warring expression pass over Brad’s face, and she uttered one word. “Please.”

Brad gave her a long look, and got down on his knees in front of her. The masked man walked closer and raised his crop and brought it to her chest, hovering right above one of her nipples.

Before her eyes, she watched as the bud puckered in anticipation.

She didn’t react in any way. That made it more potent. She felt like she might die if he didn’t touch her with it.

He made her wait.

Then ever so slightly, he brushed the end over one nipple.

She exhaled.

He did it again, this time moving it to the other side, and back.

It was deliciously agonizing. She wanted them sucked, or pinched just enough.

“Now,” the man commanded.

Brad’s hot tongue penetrated her folds, lapping her hard. She bit on to the inside of her cheeks to keep from calling out.

She remained perfectly still.

“You don’t come until I say so.” The mystery man’s voice was firm. “No exceptions.”

She closed her eyes in response.

Brad’s tongue continued to lap, his hands sliding up her legs to grip the tops of her thighs, his thumbs fitting into the crease where her legs met her pelvis. He knew she liked him to hold her there, his thumbs like two pressure points.

It was a trigger for her.

If the masked man knew that, he wouldn’t have allowed it. But Gillian relished in knowing he didn’t have total control. It allowed her to breathe and not jump out of her skin. A true submissive wouldn’t want that. Their happiness depended on giving themselves over one hundred percent.

Gillian would allow this man ninety-seven percent. The other three would always be Dom.

“Watch me,” his voice commanded.

Gillian opened her eyes as Ava got on her knees in front of him. She took his entire length into her eager mouth. As she began to suck, her head bobbing back and forth, he ran his crop up and down Gillian’s stomach. The pressure was perfect, the leather scraping her just enough. There was a difference between pressure and pain, but he seemed to understand that line.

“You’re going to come when I do,” he told her. “With no cock inside you.” As he said it, he took one hand and pressed the back of Ava’s head to his body, rocking his hips, fucking her mouth hard.

Ava didn’t make a sound.

She took all of him as he pounded into her. She must be well practiced in the art of a blowjob, because he was so big, most women would have a hard time, but she seemed to be doing it with ease.

The man tossed the crop aside and he widened his stance, spreading his legs apart. Ava sucked on, taking long pulls. She was working him over. His head tipped back to the ceiling for a moment. He brought it back up slowly, his jaw tight. “Stop licking her,” he ordered. “But keep your tongue on her clit.” His voice was so low, it was hard to hear him.

Brad did as he was told this time, his thumbs still digging in to her thighs.

Gillian was trying hard not to breathe too fast.

The masked man was going to command her to have an orgasm.

It was a tough thing to do, but he was well aware of how turned on she was. It was apparent he knew the effect he had on people.

He was no stranger to this.

Then he began to groan, his hips thrusting as he yelled, “Suck that cock! Faster! And when I come, you’re going to swallow every last drop.” He gave Gillian a heated look. “Slide your hands up to her breasts,” the masked man told Brad, “but don’t touch them yet. When I come, I want you to cup them, and nothing else.”

Gillian luxuriated in the feeling of Brad’s hands as they rose upward.

He was using his fingertips to abrade her. She knew her husband. He wanted her fulfilled. He wanted her to come, but this wasn’t the end of the night by a long shot. This would be the first of many orgasms to come.

Two beats later the mystery man bellowed, “Ahhhh. Fucking, yes!” His hips pumped madly into Ava’s mouth. She took it all with no complaint. Just watching him come was glorious. He was such a hulk of a man and his release was powerful. Gillian was drenched, her body humming with need.

“Now,” he commanded. “Just under her breasts.”

Brad cupped her breasts. Her nipples were throbbing. Her release was already building, flooding up through her.

The mystery man came right to her face. He leaned over in her ear and whispered, “Come for me.” Then he bent over and took one of her nipples in his mouth and nipped her.

Gillian exploded.

The orgasm rocked through her body with lightning speed. It was a big one, which surprised the hell out of her. Her legs quaked and her body shook with pleasure. Throughout the release she kept silent. She wasn’t going to break, no matter how great it felt.

It took her several minutes to calm down.

Once she did, she met the masked man’s gaze as a slow smile erupted on his lips. He knew he’d satisfied her more than anyone had in a long time.

In that moment, Gillian was lost to her desire.

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